Portraits and Headshots - Portico Photography

Portraits and Headshots


Location of YOUR choosing

Up to 2 hours of session time

Unlimited outfits changes

10 digital images with basic retouching


Additional digital images available for $10 each

Printing service also available

“There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes.” -- Abraham Lincoln

Who needs a portrait or headshot? Well, 20 years ago most people didn't. Actors and models needed them. The occasional CEO had to have one. Writers used them on book jackets. Beyond that, the only headshot most people had was their last school picture.

Well, times have changed. Now the headshot is the calling card of a new generation. Social media screams for them -- Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Job hunting? Virtually required. Professional?  Must have for the website or business card. Student? Trying applying to a college without one.

Every good portrait consists of TWO very important components: Personality and Technique.  Technique is all on the photographer: lighting, location, and production. Personality is a shared responsibility, and this is where working with a professional photographer makes all the difference. 

At Portico, we want to help you produce a photograph that best represents YOU. It's more than just saying "smile". It's working to record the look that tells the world that you are -- beautiful, confident, and assured. Contact us and let's get started on capturing that look today.

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