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About You

Yes, you read that right.  

Most folks lead off a page like this with stuff about them. So lets get that out the way

* I got my first camera before I got my first car.

* I love photography.

* I have a wife, kids, a dog and a cat. The dog loves me - the rest tolerate me.

Enough. None of this should be about me. It should be about YOU - the client. In a nutshell, my professional existence is about HELPING YOU MAKE MORE MONEY. 

Period. End of story. I live to serve.

So how can I do that? One word - BRAND.

Sure, I take pictures. But the how of it is another story. Without getting too sappy here, I've always felt it was my job to not just help you sell a home, or furniture, or a job, but to do so in a way that makes YOUR JOB EASIER THE NEXT TIME. And we do that by building you - by building YOUR brand.

From a practical standpoint, though -- what does that mean? It means that:

* Our tools are all state of the art, so YOU can tell your customers you work with pros.

* We have 11 years of experience in a job, that, for all practical purposes, has only even existed for less than 20.

* Our tech is cutting edge, and we are using ALL of it. You are the leader in the industry.

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