More Listings.... More Showings.... Faster Sales!

The field of real estate photography was born with the advent of the digital camera.  It's a relatively new discipline, with unique requirements and challenges.

Studies show that 90% of all home searches start on the internet, and those searches are largely driven by how a house looks on the web. There is plenty of "bad" photography out there, forcing potential buyers to make decisions with limited information -- "part of the picture", if you will.  The abundance of bad photography is a blessing for the forward thinking real estate pro.

If your listings have great pictures and feature the latest technology, you WILL generate more showings. More showings lead to quicker and more profitable sales. A recent study by Redfin showed that home with profeesional images:

     * Receive an average of 61% more views than their peers across all price tiers;

     * Have a 4.7% higher asking price per square foot;

     * Have an increased likelihood of selling.

The real payoff, though, comes at your NEXT listing appointment. The savvy homeowner looking to put his home on the market will truly appreciate the extra attention to detail that professional photography products deliver. Showing a potential client that you have invested in professional imagery on past sales can make it much easier to close that coveted listing -- and to sell that listing faster.

Your images - and your image - are in great hands with the pros at Portico. 

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